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Error & Solutions (Clientless RDP)

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The screen is stuck on: "Incorrect password or server configuration"

Explanation: this may occur when there is a configuration issue within the RDS/Gateway properties.

Solution: please check the setting below:

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Check timezone

Explanation: after changing the VM's settings, the time zone may change.


  • Run the following command to check the timezone:
  • The local time zone needs to be set to UTC. Run the following command to change it:
sudo timedatectl set-timezone UTC

Incorrect time zone forwarded to the RDP connection

Explanation: an incorrect time zone can cause RDP connection problems. 

Solution: check out the time zone, which is specified on the Linux machine hosting the Clientless RDP software:

  • Sign in on the Linux machine via SSH and run the following command:
  • This will display the current time zone set on the machine. If this is incorrect, run the following command change it to the correct time zone:
dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
  • Recheck the time zone on the Linux machine. Correct time zone? Restart the RDP connection via Workspace 365.

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Not able to open multiple tabs with different applications

Explanation: Group policy settings on the RDS Farm allow multiple connections per user. Bare in the following: when you use different integration credential sets for different RDS connections as the same user in Workspace 365, you cannot launch two applications with different integration credentials.

Solution: click here for further instructions. 

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Wrong (previous) application opens

Explanation: it could happen after clicking on a remote app/tile in the Workspace, the previous used application opens. This is due to the NCS_TASS cookie set by the Netscaler. This cookie will be set by Netscaler if authentication is required based on the referral. But this only happens when the cookie is not pressent. This will cause issues with expired sessions, as the authentication will be redone, but the cookie content will not be updated.

Solution: remove the cookie or to create a rewrite policy, explained here

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Only a UPN is accepted as a username for Clientless RDP apps


Explanation: when filling in the credentials for the RDP connection, Workspace looks for credentials present on the RDS server (UPN). When this is not present, it will result in an error. 

Solution: connect the RDS server to a Active Directory domain. We cannot authenticate with the local user, it must be a user (UPN) present in the Active Directory domain.

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Blurry screen in CRDP environment 

Explanation: in CRDP, this is a known issue. When scaling in a CRDP environment, the screen can become blurry.

Solution: set the scaling of the webbrowser to 100%.

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"Failed to retrieve the connections from the gateway. Please check the gateway settings"

Explanation: this error occurs (or an unknown error) when adding a new connection to the gateway.

Solution: make sure the service account has been setup correctly.

Bare in mind that the 'Connection group' name must match exactly with the Workspace environment name, e.g.: -> environmentname will be the Connection group name."

When creating the user, the name should be:
{Environmentname}ServiceUser  (EnvironmentName=name of workspace environment). 

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Connection Time-out

Explanation: when starting the remote application, you may experience a connection time-out. 


  • Make sure the configuration settings are filled in correctly (from creating a service account, configuring the gateway and connections to adding the connection in app management.
  • Check if the user integration credentials are set correctly.
  • Make sure your Firewall is not blocking traffic from RDS/RDP. 

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Black screen & Disconnected

Explanation: when you click on a tile (remote/published app), you may see a black screen and the browser tab closes.

Solution: check the name of the remote app. You can download/edit the .rdp file to check the name of the app. This needs to match with the Remote app settings in Clientless RDP settings > Manage connection > edit > Remote app > Program. When you leave the program (published app) blank, the full desktop version should open.

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TLS/SSL error message

Certificate needs to be fixed from the RDS Terminal Server Gateway. 

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Logs (self-hosted)

Self-hosted? Check the Catalina logs for error messages. 

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