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Guest Users

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When working with external parties, it can be useful when they have easy access to certain information, applications and shared documents. That is why we now allow you to give external users access to the workspace with an Azure Guest account. This way, they can also stay up to date on information, processes and changes and work in the same documents, even at the same time, just like you do with your colleagues. This way, you simplify working with external parties.



Azure Guest account

To accomplish this, you need to modify the SSO properties within Azure AD "App registrations".

Open the (environment) SSO and select "Manifest".
It is necessary to edit the "optionalClaims" rule.

Replace:"optionalClaims": null, " to let it work;

"optionalClaims": { "idToken": [ { "name": "upn", "essential": false, "additionalProperties": ["include_externally_authenticated_upn"] } ] },

  • Guest users that are created locally within Workspace 365 should be able to login now.
  • To import guest users from AAD, the Azure AD synctool version 2.3.0 or higher is needed. You can find it in the downloads section.

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