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Billing & Subscription

Quick reference:
Settings -> Billing

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We have made the billing process less labor intensive. We want to automate the billing process and give you more insight in pricing for the different customers you're working with.

Furthermore, you can easily upgrade or downgrade the subscription of environment features via a dedicated user interface within your Workspace. Please be aware of the consequences when changing the subscription.



The data displayed in the Billing page will be visible in the reporting overview (invoice).

From here, it's also possible to change subscription and to get an overview of the amount of licenses per license type. You will be billed only for users marked as 'Active' in Workspace. 

Workspace administrators can fill in the following to display in the invoice:

  • Company name
  • Reference number.
  • Customer type
  • Industry
Demo/trial environment? You may select Distributor under 'Customer type'.


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Upgrading environment

Upgrading the subscription of the Workspace environment can be done from the Billing page. Select 'Change subscription > Upgrade to...'

Features which are not in the current package, are marked with a label throughout the product. When clicking on such a feature, an upgrade pop-up will appear.

The license type of all users in the Workspace environment will change according to the selected subscription. 


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Downgrading environment

When you want to downgrade the entire environment, follow these steps:

  • Click on the subscription you want to downgrade to. 
  • Type in delete to confirm the permanent deletion of the downgrade.
  • Click on Downgrade to...
    WARNING: This will delete all the data from current package features (i.e. items, permissions, settings, license type).


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