Quick reference:
Settings -> Subscription


You can easily change the subscription of environment features via a dedicated user interface within your Workspace. From here, you can see your current package and upgrade/downgrade to a lower/higher package. When downgrading to a lower package, all data of the current package features will be deleted. Features which are not in the current package, are marked with a label throughout the product. When clicking such a feature, an upgrade pop-up will appear.


Upgrading environment

For upgrading the Subscription of the environment you're working on.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Subscriptions.
  • Click on the subscription you want to upgrade to. 
  • Click on Upgrade to ....



Downgrading environment

When you want to downgrade the whole environment,

  • Click on the subscription you want to downgrade to. 
  • Type in delete to confirm the permanent deletion of the downgrade.
WARNING: This will delete all the data from current package features (i.e. items, permissions, settings).
  • Click on Downgrade to ...