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Microsoft created Power Apps in late 2015 for developers and non-technical users to build simple applications. It is possible to add your Power Apps to the Workspace to make your day a little bit simpler. 

Getting your App ID

You need the App ID for the embed code to add your Power App to the Workspace.

  • Go to the Power Apps you want to add
  • Click on Details
  • The App ID can be found at the bottom of the page


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Implementing the Power Apps

Copy the following code and fill in the App ID.

<iframe width="100%" height="100%" src=" APP ID"></iframe>

Go to your Workspace 365 and follow the next steps:

      • Click on the App store
      • Click on New new app
      • Web Content
      • Add
      • Give the app a name and paste the code in Embed Code


 Now you can add the Power Apps tile to the workspace.

      • Add Tiles
      • Search for the Power Apps tile
      • Add to the Workspace

The apps will be implemented as seen below.


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Adding users 

If you want other users to use the Power Apps you implemented, you need to share them with the users within the Power Apps builder:

      • Go to Your Power Apps
      • Click on the app you want share
      • Click on Share

Type in the users you want the app to see/use.


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