Partner: Request reference case

Customers love to watch or read the stories of other companies. Therefore, we want to give our partners the ability to be seen among decision makers on our website, social channels and mailings. There are two ways to publish a reference case:

  1. You already have a reference case (video or written) and would like to have it published
    Smart people reuse content as it saves you time. So, if you already have a reference video or article please submit it to:

    We will review the reference case and if it’s approved we will publish it.

  2. Video reference case
    For customers with 200+ users we can help you to make a video reference. We will swing by the customer with our camera, do the interview and edit the video. After approval by the customer and you as a partner we will publish it on our YouTube channel as well as our website.

    Book the video reference case here:

  3. Written reference case
    If your customer doesn’t have time to participate in a video or is shy in front of the camera a good alternative is a written reference case. For customers with 100+ users we can help you to write the reference case. We will interview the customer by telephone and write the case for you. After writing the interview we will have a feedback round for the customer and you as a partner.

    Book the written reference case here: