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Azure Files shared through WebDAV SSL


Table of Contents

Create the Azure Files storage in the Azure portal

Note: At this moment files and folder ACL's and NTFS permissions are not supported by Microsoft, because it's currently in preview. 

Sign in to the azure portal at https://portal.azure.com

  • Click Create resources and search for storage, select "Storage account - blob, table, queue"

  • Fill in the desired information.
    • NOTE: Give this account a short name. (no spaces and <17 characters)
      (Later this account needs to be created locally at the IIS/WebDAV server)
  • Open your newly created storage resource e.g: 

  • Go to configuration and enable “Azure Active Directory authentication” 

  • Scroll down and select under file service "Files"

  • Create a share (+ File share).

  • Select the share and upload some data to make available through WebDAV.
  • Go back to the share, select the dots (…) on the right. Choose “Connect”.

  • Save the “Connecting from Windows” information;
    • For example:
      net use Z: \\ndawteststoragacc.file.core.windows.net\myshare /u:AZURE\ndawteststoragacc CO4lrSDtdinZdaMl83vzrl695c46lwbU/474848579336783Muk7fyE67BA5yDA==
    • You can use this command to mount the Azure Files to the desired WebDAV machine. 

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Configure WebDAV with Azure Files

Note: If you want to use the "Azure Active Directory authentication" your VM should be connected to the Azure AD. 

  • Create a new local user on the desired server
    • This user match the credentials used in the net use command from above, e.g.
      • Username: ndawteststorageacc
      • Password: CO4lrSDtdinZdaMl83vzrl695c46lwbU/474848579336783Muk7fyE67BA5yDA==



To setup WebDAV we refer you to our article: https://support.workspace365.net/hc/en-us/articles/115004168525-Configuring-the-fileserver-in-Workspace-365 

  • Open IIS Manager on the WebDAV server
  • Create a virtual directory. Give it an Alias without spaces.
    • Physical path is the UNC path which you get earlier. Used credentials are the locally created credentials which match with the storage account “Connect from Windows” information)

  • Test the settings;


The Azure files are now connected to your WebDAV site, you can now access your Azure files via your WebDAV URL e.g. https://test.workspace365.me/AzureFiles/

This URL can be used in Workspace 365 to connect your Azure Files to your Workspace 365 environment. 

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