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Azure Files shared through WebDAV SSL


Table of Contents

Create the Azure Files storage in the Azure portal

Note: At this moment files and folder ACL's and NTFS permissions are not supported by Microsoft, because it's currently in preview. 

Sign in to the azure portal at

  • Click Create resources and search for storage, select "Storage account - blob, table, queue"

  • Fill in the desired information.
    • NOTE: Give this account a short name. (no spaces and <17 characters)
      (Later this account needs to be created locally at the IIS/WebDAV server)
  • Open your newly created storage resource e.g: 

  • Go to configuration and enable “Azure Active Directory authentication” 

  • Scroll down and select under file service "Files"

  • Create a share (+ File share).

  • Select the share and upload some data to make available through WebDAV.
  • Go back to the share, select the dots (…) on the right. Choose “Connect”.

  • Save the “Connecting from Windows” information;
    • For example:
      net use Z: \\\myshare /u:AZURE\ndawteststoragacc CO4lrSDtdinZdaMl83vzrl695c46lwbU/474848579336783Muk7fyE67BA5yDA==
    • You can use this command to mount the Azure Files to the desired WebDAV machine. 

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Configure WebDAV with Azure Files

Note: If you want to use the "Azure Active Directory authentication" your VM should be connected to the Azure AD. 

  • Create a new local user on the desired server
    • This user match the credentials used in the net use command from above, e.g.
      • Username: ndawteststorageacc
      • Password: CO4lrSDtdinZdaMl83vzrl695c46lwbU/474848579336783Muk7fyE67BA5yDA==



To setup WebDAV we refer you to our article: 

  • Open IIS Manager on the WebDAV server
  • Create a virtual directory. Give it an Alias without spaces.
    • Physical path is the UNC path which you get earlier. Used credentials are the locally created credentials which match with the storage account “Connect from Windows” information)

  • Test the settings;


The Azure files are now connected to your WebDAV site, you can now access your Azure files via your WebDAV URL e.g.

This URL can be used in Workspace 365 to connect your Azure Files to your Workspace 365 environment. 

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