From v3.46 we will release the Hub. For now this will include announcements. Click here for more information.
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Release notes Workspace 365 V3.12.0

We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 3.12.0. The announced improvements are now live.

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The release notes:


  • Easily find your contacts based on their name, organization or function (and more) in the new Address book live tile. When clicking a contact, the Address book sidebar with the contact’s details page will open.
  • It’s now possible to set permissions on the Personal space, which makes it possible to hide the personal space for everyone in the organization or part of the organization. Also, it’s now possible to change the position of the Personal space in the header, which allows you to set a shared space as default.
  • From now on, it’s possible to add folders to Documents live tiles. The content of the folder (subfolders and files) is shown in the live tile. Additionally, we’ve made it possible to change the position of the lists (Recent, Bookmarks, added folders) in the live tile, so you can arrange your list according to what’s most important to you.
  • We are proud to introduce the option to display your Announcement live tile with a carousel layout. This will show one announcement at a time with a large visual and allow people to ‘flip through’ their announcements.


  •  Interacting with SharePoint bookmarks is now faster in some scenarios.
  • We improved the design and experience of the sidebars in the Document Management System and Email app.
  • We improved the Recent list in the Documents live tile, by only showing files which are edited by users themselves.
  • You can now share the URL from the browser in the Documents App between users, even if your colleague has no access to the site collection or parent folders.


  • Previously, we showed an information alert bar regarding non-UPN usernames by default. This caused confusion for a lot of users. We now show the alert bar only after providing a non-UPN username.
  • Previously, when creating a folder bookmark with a name that included a period, the name would be cut off. From now on, the name stays intact.
  • We improved some of the database queries performance, reducing the load on the database server.
  • The Announcement live tile listed fewer announcements if at least one of the listed announcements included multiple recipients.
  • When clicking a to-do in the To-Do live tile, the user would be redirected to a wrong page which told them that the list and the to-do could not be found.                                    

Technical items

  • Removed the EnableSearchBasedHierarchyRetrievalOptimization feature flag.
  • Removed the UseWebDavFileServicePreview feature flag.
  • Removed the SharePointOAuth2CredentialsEnableFormDigest feature flag.
  • Removed the OAuth2SingleSignOnTypeAvailable feature flag.