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Address book live tile

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Do you know who is responsible for HR in your organization? With the new Address book live tile, you can instantly search through all your contacts straight from your dashboard! You can search for function, name, email address, organization and more. This way, you can find out who is responsible for HR within seconds. 

Within the live tile, you can view and search both your personal and organization contactsWhen you click on them, the contacts sidebar will open with all the contact’s information and contact options, so you can immediately get in touch with them. 

This tile also makes it a lot easier to search through your contacts, as for one, you can keep scrolling through more and more contacts by clicking the ‘load more’ button at the bottom of the tile.  

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Adding the Address book

Go to the App store (or click on "+ Add tiles"). The tile can be found under the Communication category. Select the app and click Add to workspace to add it to your Workspace. 


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Adding new personal contacts

When the live tile is added you can click on the plus icon in the lower-left corner to add new personal contacts.


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