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Release notes Workspace 365 V3.13.0

We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 3.13.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed here:


  • We proudly introduce the Vilans KICK Micro App. Easily search through KICK protocols by entering keywords within a live tile, which contains all KICK protocols from an organization’s KICK portal. (Available in Boost)
  • We now support Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (.rdpw) for Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • Web content tiles now redirect the user to a dedicated page within the workspace, where the web content is shown in a larger format, so it can be viewed more easily. From here, the user can navigate to the full website.
  • You are now able to set permissions on shared spaces. A shared space will only be visible to a user if he or she has access to the shared space. However, if a user has permissions to a shared space, but no permissions to the shared tile groups and tiles within that space, the space will be visible, but completely empty.


  • The navigation button in the Email live tile now opens the selected folder in the Email App. Also, when opening an email message from the live tile, the Email app shows the correct folder in the sidebar.
  • Improved the OAuth2 Single Sign-On flow.


  • The SharePoint document version history didn’t work for certain documents. 
  • When creating a Calendar appointment from the workspace in Office 365, it would result in a blank pop-up window. 
  • When pressing Enter while editing a collection (e.g. an RSS tile), it would remove the first tab.                           

Technical items

  • We are stricter in what URLs are accepted in relation to SharePoint (RSS feed and DMS). 
  • We limited the amount of Site collections which can be initialized at the same time to ten when you are not using preview loading. This may result that the SharePoint initialization takes a bit longer when you have more than ten site collections. 
  • We improved the listing of announcements in the live tile, reducing the needed bandwidth.