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Troubleshooting the file server (WebDAV SSL)

 Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic troubleshooting
  3. Logs
  4. Error messages & solutions
  5. IIS character restrictions
  6. Configuration & Troubleshooting wizard


File server is configured but does not work in the workspace environment. It can be challenging to troubleshoot this. What can I check and do to resolve this problem? Have you already seen our other file server configuration articles? File server articles

Basic troubleshooting

  • Make sure you can log in and access the URL through windows explorer.
    • If not, please check WebDAV settings.
  • Make sure you can log in and access the URL through an internet browser.
    • If not, please check WebDAV settings
  • Credential error?
  • Is the WebDAV URL correctly configured within the workspace?
    • Check the WebDAV URL in the workspace environment (Settings Fileservers).


When you did the basic troubleshooting and the file server is still not working, please check the logs.
Information on how to get the logs can be found here: Log files

Error messages & solutions

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IIS character restrictions

There are some forbidden characters in file names. This is a limitation in WebDAV. Using these characters in Workspace will result in an error.



Configuration & Troubleshooting wizard

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