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Birthday live tile

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In the Birthday live tile, you can view the upcoming birthdays of your colleagues. This adds another social intranet element to your adaptive Workspace and gives you the ability to stay connected with your colleagues, even if you’re not working in the same location. Get notified about your colleagues Birthday and to send them a birthday whish via the live tile (by clicking on their name) or Activity Feed. 



Get notified via the Activity Feed

We want to improve social interactions and engagement in the Workspace by providing birthday activities, so that users will never miss a birthday of their colleagues. When the Birthday app is enabled in the Workspace, you will automatically receive these notification via the Activity Feed in the "birthday" stack. Here, you can send out birthday whishes to your colleagues (with a maximum of 25 characters). Birthday whishes which were sent to you will be present under the "Birthday whishes" stack in your own Activity Feed. 


When the Birthday app is enabled in the Workspace, birthday notifications will be visible in the Activity Feed. The scheduler runs once a day and will generate the birthday notifications of the next day.

Display birthday information

When the birthday live tile is enabled, we check the Azure AD Graph when the user signs in. With the following query within the Microsoft Graph Explorer you can see if the information is present.

This "Check" will only be done Once. After the user signs in it should display their birthday. Should they want to change it has to be done manually within Workspace.

The user is able to set/change this value within Microsoft Delve. If this value is not set or is not the correct birthday (could be right?), the user can set/update it in the Workspace. 


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