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For what use cases did we develop Clientless RDP?

What is Clientless RDP?

Not everybody needs a full remote desktop, some people only use a handful of remote applications. For these people we developed Clientless RDP. When they want to open an application they simply click on the application in the workspace and it will open in their browser without having to sign-in or without downloading a client. By using Clientless RDP they can work on any device. Clientless RDP is mostly used for applications that are not yet available as SaaS applications.


Is Clientless RDP a good replacement for my remote desktop/Citrix?

It depends. For some people it is a good replacement as they only used their remote desktop to open specific applications. Those people used e.g. Citrix while they didn’t benefit from all the features it offers. Organisations can save a lot of costs by researching how many people still need their full remote desktop vs. how many people could use a browser-based workspace with some remote applications. If someone works in their remote desktop the entire day it might not be a good fit.


Prevent inception, educate the people

Unfortunately, we still see people that open their remote desktop to start a browser. That’s not the way we see the future. Ideally, you open Workspace 365 as your browser based workspace and only open the application from the remote desktop. It opens in a new tab and allows you to open it anywhere. However, you should teach people that they can work in a new way. People who are used to working in a full remote desktop should embrace the power of their device.


So when do we use Clientless RDP?

  • Simplify access of LoB apps via remote applications
  • Starting remote applications in your browser, on any device
  • Save costs by only focussing on the applications, instead of full remote desktops

When is using Clientless RDP not recommended?

  • Using it as a full remote desktop. In this case we recommend using AVD, which is also integrated in Workspace 365. The same goes for other applications that may already be integrated within Workspace 365.
  • Opening Clientless RDP to start a browser-based application. 
  • We don't recommend Clientless RDP if there is a lot of interaction between different applications (e.g. exporting, plug-ins, printing).

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