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Autotask is an integrated IT business management solution, that enables you to track IT tickets and projects and which supports the IT services within your company. Organizations can use Autotask to provide internal IT support, and Managed Service Providers to provide support to their customers.

With this live-tile you can show the tickets of the currently signed in user.

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Autotask URL

This is the URL where your Autotask is available on.
In our case the Autotask webservices URL is 


This is the Username from your Autotask. This can be a newly created account in Autotask. 


As last you need to have a password for this account.

Tracking identifier

Tracking Identifier can be found in the Security tab of the Resource Management page when you select an API User security level.

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Configure Autotask for a single Workspace tenant

  • Go to the Settings
  • Go to Integrations
  • Click on Autotask Connections
  • Click New


It is also possible to configure the Autotask connections during the editing of the Autotask application. By clicking on the Add button next to connections.


In this config there are 5 values you need to set:

  • Name
  • Autotask url
  • Username
  • Password
  • Tracking identifier

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Configure one Autotask for all Workspaces on an instance

This configuration is only possible on instance level. With this Configurations you can only configure one Autotask for all Workspaces.



As an admin you need to do additional configuration to connect to your Autotask account.
Custom info can be changed via the Connectionstring settings, found in \inetpub\wwwroot\{tenant name}\{workspace folder}\Configs\ConnectionStrings.config
<add name="Autotask" connectionString="Address={{Autotask url}};Username={{Username}};Password={{Password}};TrackingIdentifier={{Tracking Identifier}}"/>

In this config there are three variables you need to set:

  • {{Autotask url}}
  • {{Username}}
  • {{Password}}
  • {{Tracking Identifier}}

You need to set these to your own Autotask configuration.


<add name="Autotask" connectionString="Address=;Username=AutotaskUser;Password=123abc;TrackingIdentifier=ABCDEFG1234567890"/>

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