From v3.46 we will release the Hub. For now this will include announcements. Click here for more information.
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Release notes Workspace 365 V3.17.0

We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 3.17.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed here:


  • Very easily publish YouTube videos in your workspace by simply copying and pasting the URL of a YouTube video or playlist with the new YouTube tile (available in Adapt).
  • We proudly announce the Autotask Micro App, allowing everybody to open and see tickets from Autotask within their workspace (instance connections for partners are available in Simplify, custom connections are available in Boost).
  • The Announcements live tile has a new grid view to display your announcements and news.
  • There are new permission levels on announcement categories: Who has access (can see announcements), Editors (can create/edit/delete all announcements in the category) and Owners (can create/edit/delete all announcements in the category and also manage the category itself).
  • The To-Do Micro App now also supports the following lists: “Assigned to you” and “Flagged emails”.
  • View and open your next calendar appointment from Microsoft Teams, Zoom and in the Activity sidebar.
  • Insecure content is now hidden by default in the Email app.
  • This is not supported for Internet Explorer.

Technical items

  • The Local App Launcher is now out of beta and general available.
  • We Switched from using the EnvironmentName to the EnvironmentId as identified for the environment. This results in no conflicts in scenarios where the environment is deleted and recreated. Note: this also means that in the logs the EnvironmentId is written instead of the EnvironmentName. To help understand which EnvironmentId is associated with what EnvironmentName, a new page is added to the instance operator panel called “Environments”.
  • The runtime branding styles are now served as a separate resource instead of inline on each page. This should help reduce bandwidth usage.
  • External scripts are no longer executed on the OAuth2 HandleAuthorityResponse endpoint. This also includes scripts injected via e.g. Google Tag Manager.
  • We removed the Business Apps to Exchange synchronization feature from the product.
  • We removed the ability to create, edit and delete Business App overviews from the Business App Builder.
  • We improved the utilization of TCP Sockets when interacting with the Microsoft Graph API.
  • Announcement images are now included in the same request as the announcement when creating or editing an announcement.
  • We improved the utilization of threads when interacting with the TOPdesk API.
  • We updated the product to use .NET 4.7.2.
  • We removed the backup column “LegacyEncryptedData”.  


  • We now update the Activity feed every minute and we load more activities when you scroll down.
  • We made the Birthdays app available in the Adapt subscription. Previously, it was only available in the Boost package.
  • When creating or editing a TOPdesk or Vilans KICK connection, we check whether the connection works.
  • When editing a TOPdesk connection and changing the TOPdesk URL, you need to re-enter the application password.


  • We fixed a memory leak where an instance of the Business App configuration would be kept in memory. 
  • The Autotask passwords and Vilans KICK API keys would not be re-encrypted when a new encryption method would be released.
  • An authentication cookie would not be invalidated correctly after an environment is removed.
  • Due to race condition, it was possible that multiple Exchange accounts would be configured for a single user. This resulted in that the workspace was not usable anymore. It’s now not possible anymore to have multiple Exchange accounts configured for a single user.
  • Editing an app which has a connection field in the App store, could result in that the label of the field under it would be hidden in smaller viewports. 
  • We fixed that a website needed to be restarted when an environment was deleted and recreated using the same name.
  • Renaming a file/folder on a file server could lead to an infinite busy indicator.
  • We now allow email signatures to be saved up to 5MB.
  • It was not possible to open a file server document in the local editor when the name included a “%”.
  • It was not possible to open a SharePoint document in the local editor when the name included a “%” or one of the parent folders.
  • Uploading large files to SharePoint with specific characters was not possible.
  • Recovering SharePoint documents with specific characters was not possible.
  • Moving and copying large files to SharePoint with specific characters was not possible. 
  • SharePoint with specific characters could not be restored from the recycle bin.
  • It was not possible to create a SharePoint file/folder with the “$” included in the name.
  • There were duplicated validation messages during the creation of a Vilans KICK connection. 
  • Creating or editing a Vilans KICK connection would not show a validation message on the API key field. 
  • We improved the security when creating a SharePoint from a SharePoint template.
  • Sometimes updating a personal contact would not actually update the information in Exchange.
  • When you selected a specific year in the Calendar live tile, it would remain highlighted.
  • In the file server, when navigating to a different folder, the scroll state would remain the same. 
  • When opening an item in the Documents live tile, the scroll state would remain the same.
  • An incorrect log message was reported when a user was updated and oAuth2 is used as Single Sign-On.
  • The tab selector dropdown in live tiles was not rendered correctly on iOS 13.
  • Changing the user profile image after clicking Cancel didn't work as it’s supposed to.
  • Ordered and unordered lists were not working correctly for an announcement.
  • When Exchange was not configured, the user would get stuck in the compose email dialog.
  • The Exchange server type field was not always visible when configuring the Exchange settings.
  • Conditional Access settings were still applied when the subscription didn’t allow it.
  • The font-weight didn’t show correctly in Chrome on macOS.