Workspace 365 v3.18.0 acceptance


Good news!

The pre-release of Workspace 365 v3.18.0 is live on our acceptance instance. If you find any bugs or have feedback, please contact us at [email protected]

​This version will bring a lot of new functionality! You can review all the changes here:


  • We hereby present the Activity feed API, which allows you to integrate external applications into your workspace and push information from external applications to the Activity feed 
  • We proudly introduce the global search functionality, which allows users to easily search apps and SharePoint files from every page in the workspace 


Technical items 

  • The Business App Builder is replaced with an end of life package, which explains the deprecation of the Business Apps.
  • We updated our widget library to the latest version. This fixes several issues, especially related to iOS 13.  
  • The Activity status cache is now more efficient.  





  • Previously, when a user tried to create apps in the app store with only spaces included in the app name, it resulted in an Error 500.  
  • When the workspace contained an app with spaces in the name, it could break the Add tile flow when trying to add that app 
  • Hyperlinks in announcements which have the option open in new tab would still open in the same window.  
  • When opening a folder or email from the Email live tile, it could fail if the mailbox was not configured or visible in the Email app.  
  • Scrolling in Email and Documents was not working on iPad iOS 13 desktop mode. 
  • Scrolling within live tiles looked strange sometimes on iPad iOS 13 desktop mode.