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We’re introducing our Activity Feed API, enabling you to integrate external information in your Activity Feed. Curious? Keep on reading!

To bring back focus on people their primary tasks we thought of a new way to reduce the time they spend in applications. You can now use the Workspace 365 Activity Feed to enable a task-based approach to working. Iis now possible to connect countless applications to your Activity Feed. You can use our new Activity Feed API to display external information, tasks and notifications within your workspace  

For example, you could connect your HR system and set it up in such a way that whenever someone requests time off, their team manager gets a notification in their Activity Feed. With one click they can immediately open their HR system to approve or reject the request. 

The same could go for new support tickets for the IT desk, or when someone submits an expense claim with Finance. If your current applications allow you to set up an “if this, then that” kind of action, you can add it to the Activity Feed in your adaptive workspace. Making your work, smarter and more efficient. 

Connect thousands of applications to Workspace 365 

It is possible to connect citizen integrator tools such as Zapier or IFTT to the Workspace 365 Activity Feed API. This allows you to connect your to e.g. ERP, project management, CRM systems and applications like Excel or Google Sheets, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello, AirtableActiveCampaignAsana, Monday, Salesforce, and thousands more.  

It is relatively easy to setup for people who are slightly tech-savvy. This allows you to enable citizen developers and integrators within your organization to use the Activity Feed API to further improve your digital employee experience within the workplace. Currently, you have to be an admin in Workspace 365 to create Activity Feed API tokens. 

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Technical API documentation

We have created technical documentation about the endpoints of the Activity Feed which you can find here

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Activity Feed examples

Receive activity notification when receiving email from X

It is possible that you want to receive extra notifications on receiving emails from e.g. your manager, emails that contain a certain topic, or maybe notifications about high prio (urgent) emails.

You can easily create this using Microsoft Power Automate. We will create a new activity from scratch.

The first step is to connect Outlook and use a trigger on a new email event. You can choose to select a certain folder which the email is delivered. In this case we choose the Inbox.


After this you need to add "New action", "Control". Here you will specify what will happen if a certain condition is met.



Within this condition we want to check if the email that is being received contains certain words (e.g. leave requests), phrases or if it is from a certain person. In this example I will check if I've received emails from Sarah. 


You can use dynamic values from the previous steps. So, I can select the body from step 1 "On new email". In this case I will perform the next actions, but only if the conditions are met.


Here you will have to use of the Activity Feed API

POST https://workspace365instance.url/{EnvironmentName}/api/activities HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Content-Length: 228
Content-Type: application/json
Host: yourworkspace365instance.url
Authorization: Workspace365 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
  "User": {
      "Upn": "[email protected]"
  "Icon": {
      "Name": "Mail"
  "Title": "Email from Sarah!",
  "Url": "https://workspace365instance.url/{EnvironmentName}/Email/",
  "Color": {
      "Kind": "Primary"


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Stack activities in the Activity Feed

You can perform actions within the Activity Feed, such as accepting or declining an activity, making the possibilities of activities in the Activity Feed endless. You can also stack activities in the Activity Feed to give you a better overview of all your activities. The stacks are very similar to a regular activity, but when you click on it, all other activities from that specific category will appear. This way, you can view all activities from one category at once and have a clear overview of old and new activities.

We have stacks for categories like documents, emails, announcements, maintenance and available apps. In case of multiple activities in one stack, you can click on the drop-down menu (click "more") to view all items in one stack. You can sort these activities by tag, e.g. "Emails" or "Shared items". Click on the bin icon or the three dots to delete all items at once.


It’s not possible to stack your custom activities yet, but this will be possible very soon!

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