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Release notes Workspace 365 V3.19.0


We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 3.19.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed here:



  • The global search functionality now allows you to quickly and easily search for your email messages from every page in the workspace.  
  • We now show an indicator for unread activities before the page title in the browser tab.

Technical items 


  • We improved the design of the Recent list in the Documents live tile by showing who edited a document.  
  • We replaced the third-party file uploader used in the Documents app with a first-party implementation. 


  • An error appeared in the console when a workspace with RSS tiles was being loaded.  
  • Previously, if a user had no permissions to the default category in an Announcements live tile, it would show an empty live tile with a strange looking tab selector button. Now, if you don’t have permissions to the default category, it will show the “All announcements” category.  
  • There was a missing space in the ‘Emails Moved Successfully alert bar 
  • The validation message for the API key name was not cleared after saving the Activity API settings if a name was entered 
  • Bookmarked OneNote documents had incorrect labels for Open actions