Nedap ONS live tile

Quick reference:
Settings -> App store
Quick reference:
Settings -> Integrations -> Nedap ONS connections

Request certificate

In order to use the Nedap ONS tile, submit a request here.

We will create a certificate and share it securely with you as it is highly sensitive information. This will be relevant for the staging environment. Once successfully tested, a new certificate can be requested for the production environment.

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It is now possible to add the Nedap ONS live tile to your workspace. This live tile is divided into two categories: Clients & Planning.


Clients will give you an overview of the clients in your Nedap ONS company. Click on a client from the live tile and you’ll be taken to the Nedap ONS website. Use the search bar to search for more clients and choose ‘Load more’ to load more clients into the live tile overview.

My planning is a representation of appointments with clients. You can navigate through dates, using the arrows pointing left and right.


Click on an appointment from the live tile and you’ll be redirected to the Nedap ONS website.

Here's an example of the "my schedule live tile - week view":


Hover your mouse over an appointment to view more information. Some appointments are presented in a different color, depending on the state (type of event/urgency). 

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When setting up the Nedap ONS connection, a client certificate configuration is used. To set up the connection, go to:
Settings > Nedap ONS connections > New.


Nedap ONS has two different environments.

Environment Use  URL
STAGING Test your connector on a customer’s test environment
PRODUCTION Run your connector on a customer’s production environment

Important: Due to security reasons, you will have to fill in the information from top to bottom. You cannot upload the certificate first, before filling in the name and Api url first. If you do, the fields will be cleared after clicking on 'Add'. 
After you filled in the correct information, click on 'Add' and Choose 'Save'. Now you're ready to add the Nedap ONS live tile to you workspace.  

Important note from NEDAP ONS:

Our certificates are standard valid for 1 year. Put a reminder in your calendar to request a new certificate 1 month before the expiration date of the certificate. It is your responsibility to make sure this happens on time. We do not send reminders.

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Activate the app

Navigate to the App Store by clicking on the waffle-icon to add the Nedap ONS tile to your workspace.


You can configurate the app settings, manage who has access to the app and assign app owners as shown in the example below.

Note: you will not be able to add the app to your workspace, without having configured the Nedap ONS connection first.


To add the app to your workspace, in the upper left corner click on: mceclip6.png

Once added to your workspace, right-click on the tile to configure (edit) the desired app settings. Use the arrows pointing up or downwards to change position of the tabs (clients and planning), which will determine what you see first from the live tile overview.

Tip: Add the Nedap ONS tile twice to your workspace, one for clients and the other one for the planning overview. 


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