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AFAS live tile

Quick reference:
Settings -> App store
Quick reference:
Settings -> Integrations -> AFAS connections

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Get insight into your AFAS tasks and signals, without even opening the application. With the AFAS Micro App, you can unite your most important information from your business processes, including CRM, HRM and ERP, with all other apps and information.

AFAS offers one software package to optimize and automate all your administrative processes. Besides the aforementioned areas, AFAS can for example also be used for Finance, Projects and Workflow management.

What can you do with the AFAS Micro App?

The AFAS Micro App includes two new live tiles: Tasks and Signals. With these live tiles, you can see and open any new tasks and signals straight from your dashboard. These are completely personalized to you and your work.

In the tasks app, Finance can for instance include incoming expense claims, while Operations can see when they need to supply an employee with a company vehicle. Some examples of notifications in the Signals live tile could be for an HR employee to see when it’s someone’s anniversary at the company, or for Finance when a debtor has reached a certain balance of outstanding costs.


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Configure AFAS App Connector

You need to create an App Connector within AFAS. There needs to be two GetConnectors linked to this App Connector. 
  • Create an App Connector in AFAS. Make sure to name this Workspace365
  • Navigate to GetConnectors in AFAS
    • Search Pocket_Tasks, double click (a copy is made)
    • Rename Pocket_Tasks to Workspace365_Tasks
      • Validate the data fields:mceclip1.png
    • Search Pocket_Signals, double click (a copy is made)
    • Rename Pocket_Signals to Workspace365_Signals
      • Validate the data fields:
        Please double-check with your configuration. Data field missing? Click Gegevens to add it.
  • Make sure to connect/link both created and renamed GetConnectors to the created App Connector

Get the API key, Environment key and API URL

API key and Environment key

You can find/create the API key and the Environment key on the App Connector page

  • Navigate to: Algemeen/Beheer/App connector.
  • Open the settings of the app connector.
  • Copy API-key and Environment key.


Mostly the production URL is used. You can choose to test it via other kind of URLs.










Activate the app

Go to the App store (or click on "+ Add tiles"). Make sure Manage apps is selected.


Click on Add new app to add the AFAS live tile to Workspace.


You can either select the connection or add the connection. You can configurate the app settings, manage who has access and assign app owners to the app as shown in the example below.


When you need to create a new connection, an One Time Activation Code is being send to the email address of the singed in user which creates the connection. Make sure this user is a user in AFAS as well. Otherwise no mail is being send/delivered.

Click Save when you're done configuring the app. The tile is then ready to be added to Workspace from the App store, either to a new or existing group.


Once added to your Workspace, right-click the tile to configure (edit) the desired app settings. Use the arrows pointing up or down to change position of the tabs (My tasks & My signals). This will determine what you see first from the live tile overview.

Tip: add the AFAS live tile twice to your Workspace: one for My tasks and the other one for the My signals overview. 


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To use the AFAS integration, each user must configure authentication first by clicking on ‘Activate’. AFAS will send an email to the users, which contains the activation code for the application so the app can be used within the Workspace. 


Once the activation code has been filled in by the user, the AFAS live tile is activated and is ready for use. mceclip3.png


OTP (activation) mail is not received

Since Profit 16 the mail server was reset by AFAS. This is the reason why the activation email is not being received. Please follow these steps to resolve the issue:


  • Now you can try again to configure the application

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Page not found (404)

When clicking on a task or signal from the AFAS live tile, we try to deep-link into the AFAS product. However, this is not always supported by AFAS and it could the case that you are presented the 404 error message 'page not found'. To prevent this, edit the AFAS app and check the checkbox "Use default tasks URL when clicking tasks". Instead of navigating to the deep-link after clicking on a task from the live tile, you are now redirected to the overview page instead.

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