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We have an integration with Zaaksysteem. The live tile is divided into two categories:

  • My open cases
  • My suspended cases

You can see how many items each category contains. Use the search bar to search for cases or scroll down and choose "Load more" to load more cases into the live tile overview. Click on Zaaksysteem at the bottom of the live tile to navigate to Zaaksysteem itself. 




Step 1. Set up a Zaaksysteem connection

  1. Go to the App store (or click on "+ Add tiles").
  2. Make sure Manage apps is selected.
  3. Click on Add new app and choose Zaaksysteem.


  4. You can choose a different logo and app color.
  5. Fill in the App name.
  6. You can either select a connection or create a new connection from the admin settings page > Integrations > Zaaksysteem connections > Click "New".

    Relevant information for creating a new connection:

    API info: 

    API url: {{EnvironmentName}} 

    API Endpoint:

    Manage connections: 
    Under 'Koppelingspecifieke informatie' you can find the API v0 identifier.

    Creating the connection is based on the user email address. To make sure a user exists within Zaaksysteem you can use this query;
    The UPN of the user in the Workspace must match 100% with Zaaksysteem and is case sensitive. For example, if exists in the Workspace, in Zaaksysteem the UPN must also be This means that, for example, won't work.


  7. Destination: decide whether to open Zaaksysteem from the Workspace in the current window or a new window.
  8. Furthermore, you can determine who has access to Zaaksysteem and who will become app owner.


Step 2. Activate the app

To add the app to your Workspace:

  1. In the upper left corner, click on + Add tiles (or simply add it from the App store straight away).
  2. Once added to your Workspace, right-click on the tile to edit (configure) the desired app settings.
  3. Use the arrows pointing up or downwards to change position of the tabs (my open cases and my suspended cases), which will determine what you see first from the live tile overview.
  4. Tip: Add the Zaaksysteem tile twice to your Workspace: one for "my open cases" and the other one for "my suspended cases". 

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