Announcement Centre

With the announcement centre, you can easily create an announcement (including text, images, videos and links) which you can push as a notification or pop-up to a specific group or the entire organisation. Furthermore, you can enable other people within your organisation to create announcements.

Improve communication using an adaptive workspace

Depending on how you set up your workspace, people visit it to open applications, documents, look up information, contacts, read the news and interact in the social feeds. Therefore, they open their workspaces many times a day. That is why people asked us to create a new way to communicate to them using the Announcement Centre. And today we are proud to launch the new Announcement Centre!

Receive announcements in Workspace 365

An announcement is provided in a pop-up, which include a title, description and optionally an image/video. When the announcement is published, a notification is sent from which the user can open the pop-up.

Optionally, the pop-up can be pushed directly to the user. Be aware that publishing direct pop-ups may have a large impact on the user experience.

If you want to enable other people to create announcements, login as an Admin, visit your settings, go to Groups Management, edit a group and enable “Can create and manage announcements”.

While using the announcements centre we suggest using notifications for Nice-to-reads and the Pop-ups for Must-reads. Be cautious who you enable to send announcements as giving too many people control might lead to a notification overload.

Announcements can be created and saved with publication start. Announcements that are already publicated, cannot be edited anymore after the "Publication end" date.