Configure SharePoint documents

  1. Overview
  2. Settings
  3. Site availability
  4. Site overview
  5. Site management


If you want to use SharePoint in the documents app, you can configure SharePoint as an admin in the SharePoint documents settings.

  • Here you can enable/disable SharePoint.
  • Configure the SharePoint settings
  • Configure the Site availability
  • Configure the Site overview
  • Configure the Site management


Within the Settings, you determine with "User can open files in local applications" whether users can use the local editors. Choose  "User is able to sync files to their local device" if you want to enable the sync button in the documents app. This sync button sends the url of the SharePoint library to the client locally. Make sure that the client has OneDrive installed.mceclip1.png

Take into account that we as workspace, are not aware of the locally installed executable (e.g. Office ProPlus and/or OneDrive). If you switch on this setting, make sure that the users have the application installed.

Lastly, you can choose to Allow user hide/show/reorder libraries.

Site availability

Here you can set the Site availability configuration. When the "Default availability of a site" option is enabled, the TeamSites are detected automatically based on the user’s permissions. This way, you won't have to separately configure each TeamSite you want to add to the workspace. If the user has permissions to an Office 365 Group, Team or TeamSite, the sites are added to the user’s Documents app view.mceclip0.png


You also have the possibility to set up "Default availability of a site" to "Not available". This way, the sites are  automatically unavailable. In the Site Overview, you can manually select which sites are available.

Site overview

With "Site overview" you can select or deselect the sites that you want to make available/unavailable for the users. When you select a site, the sub folders also appear.

Site management

It's possible for users to manage and create site's within the DMS. This function is optional and you can enable it as an Workspace 365 admin. Go to "Site management" to enable this option. 
In this article you can find more information: Site management in the Documents app.



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