SharePoint settings


In this article we explain what you can configure in SharePoint documents under the Settings tab, from the company's SharePoint URL to a faster loading experience (preview). 



Company's SharePoint URL

Here you can fill in the Company's SharePoint URL, e.g.

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Template availability

You can choose whether to show available templates in every library or just the current library. 

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Allow users to hide/show and reorder libraries

This will allow users to hide/show and reorder libraries from the Document app. This function is optional (introduced with opt-out) as it brings a level of self service to users which some organizations might not prefer. The option to hide or show libraries decreases the amount of clutter which users face when searching for documents or folders.

When enabled, users can click on the eye icon to set their desired settings in the Documents app view. 


Important sites can be ordered to your liking. This can be done by using the arrows pointing up- and downward on the right side. 


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User is able to sync files to their local device

You can choose if you want to enable the sync button in the Documents app. This sync button sends the URL of the SharePoint library to the client locally. Make sure that the client has OneDrive installed (provisioned).

Take into account that the Workspace is not aware of locally installed executables (e.g. Office ProPlus and/or OneDrive). If you switch on this setting, make sure users have the application installed.

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Which sync client should be used

As Microsoft released the new OneDrive sync client (OneDrive Next Generation Sync client), we've created the ability to choose as a Workspace 365 administrator which sync client you would like to use in the Documents app.

As these setting only changes the formatting of the URL;

  • The old client (grvopen://)
  • The new client (odopen://)

You have to make sure that you have changed these settings in the SharePoint admin tenant the same as in Workspace 365.


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Faster loading experience (preview)

By enabling this option folders are being uploaded faster to SharePoint, making it faster and reducing the load on the SharePoint server.

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