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Settings -> Integrations -> SharePoint documents

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In this article we explain what you can configure under the Office apps tab in SharePoint documents. 


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Open preference for Office apps

The administrator of an environment can choose to open documents in local applications of Office or in the online version. For this, go to Settings > Integrations > SharePoint documents.

Under Default preference for opening files, select one of the two options:

When you choose Office Online apps, it will open documents with Office Online editors. 
When you choose Office local apps, it will open documents with the locally installed Office editors.

These settings are saved as a cookie. If you are using an incognito browser or delete your cookies, these preferences will be lost. These settings have to be configured per device.


A user can still change this to their liking. This can be done from the document library itself.  


This also applies for the context menu.


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Conditional access

As an administrator you can give everyone access or just selected users or groups. However, it's also possible so configure conditional access. 


You can choose between Any IP range or Define IP addresses/IP ranges.

With IP Whitelist and Blacklist you can choose on which IP range(s) launching local Office apps are available. This way you can only make it available from trusted IP ranges e.g. the company network.

When a user doesn't meet the IP standards only the Open in Word Online option will show.

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