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Site availability & overview

Quick reference:
Settings -> Integrations -> SharePoint documents

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In this article you'll read about configuring site availability and how it works.


Control site availability

Administrators can determine whether to enable site availability. This can be found under the Workspace admin settings > Integrations > SharePoint documents.


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Default availability of a site

When the default availability of a site option is enabled, the Team sites are detected automatically based on the user’s permissions. This way, you don't have to separately configure each Team site you want to add to Workspace. If the user has permissions to a Office 365 group, Team or Team site, the sites are added to the user’s Documents app view. When choosing "Not available" under the default availability of a site, the sites are automatically unavailable. 


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Site overview

In the site overview you can manually select which sites are available. You can select or deselect sites that you want to make available or unavailable for users. When you select a site, the sub folders also appear.


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