Sharing documents and permissions

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In this article you'll read about how to share documents with other users (even outside your organization) and how to set the desired permissions for these documents.


Share a document

From the Documents app, select the file you would like to share and click Share.


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Invite user

You can share your documents with another (SharePoint) user by selecting Invite user (see image above). You can choose between the following permissions:

  • Can view
  • Can edit

The invited user will get notified via the Activity Feed. And the shared document will be visible under My documents > Shared with me.

From the "Shared with me" folder, you can only download one file at the same time. This is 'by design'. You can however submit a Feature Request. 

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Share a link

With Share a link you can create links to share selected files with people within or outside your organization. You can choose whether they can only view or also edit the file.



Click on Change settings to configure the desired permissions who has access:

  • Anyone with the link
  • People in this organisation with the link
  • Specific people
    • If your SharePoint policy for "External sharing" is set to "New and existing guests", you cannot share the file with external users. You can use invite user instead
  • 'Can edit' vs. 'Can view'

Click on the three dots to Manage links.

  • View which links have been created for the selected document.
  • You can either copy or remove these links.


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Sharing disabled

External sharing disabled? This article explains how to enable it. When enabled, you can choose the desired sharing option.

If you receive the error message below, you will need to Allow members to share the site and individual files and folders. This setting can be found under the SharePoint site permissions under 'Access request settings' (click here for detailed instructions). 


With the option "Permissions" you can set the appropriate permissions (edit, view or stop sharing) for users and groups.

Note that if a user already has permissions to a file or folder through group permissions and the user is invited to the file/folder via invite user, the permissions for this user set by the invite user functionality are not displayed separately.


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Attach to email

Select a document and click Share from the action bar menu. With "attach to email", you can add a copy of the file as an attachment to a new email. Note that this sends a copy of the file, not the original file.

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