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Site management

Quick reference:
Settings -> Integrations -> SharePoint documents

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Administrators can configure Site management, from enabling site management to setting permissions to determine whether users can override. This option can be found under the Workspace admin settings > Integrations > SharePoint documents.



Enable site management

It's possible for users to manage and create sites within the DMS (this function is optional).
As an administrator you can enable or disable site management. 

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Default description

This description will be the default description for users when creating subsites from the Documents app.

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You can set the default language. You can choose from the languages which are available/activated in SharePoint. Depending on the language, different templates can be selected. Users can choose templates, admins can set this option.

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You can choose between using the same permissions as the parent site or unique permissions.

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Allow user to override

This will enable or disable the user's option to set the "Description", "Language" and/or "Permissions".

When site management is enabled, the user will have to option to configure site management in the Document app. They can click on the wrench to toggle the function on or off. To add a subsite, click the wrench on the desired location. Fill in the preferred details and click done. The subsite is now created.



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