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Release notes Workspace 365 V3.26.0


We have successfully updated Workspace 365 to version 3.26.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed below:



  • Easily retrieve app links to integrate relevant Workspace 365 applications into other platforms with our new API.
  • With this release, we introduce the branding setting to use optimal colors for tiles and apps. When enabled, text and icons of tiles and apps will automatically have the best suitable color (either white or black), based on the background color.
  • We proudly present a new view within the healthcare ERP micro app. It now shows ‘My schedule’ in a week view for the Nedap ONS connection. People will easily see their upcoming work shifts.

Technical items 

  • We improved the performance of the email activity webhook mechanism.
  • We dropped support for older browsers starting January 1st, 2021. The product is now using features which are not available in these browsers, so the product will no longer work in these browsers.


  • To improve your overview of upcoming meetings, we don't show all-day events anymore in the ‘next calendar appointment’ section in the Activity feed.
  • We changed the list of allowed inline download content types to be an allow list instead of a block list.
  • We improved the global search behavior regarding SharePoint files and emails. To provide better and more expected search results for SharePoint files, we now only search in titles; not in content as well.
  • To improve your security, we now always show the email address of the sender behind his/her name in the Email App by default.


  • The "Edit workspace" action on a newly created shared space only appeared after a page refresh, when the space was created directly after upgrading to the Adapt package.
  • When you searched for something in the global search function while there was a search in progress, it caused ugly results.