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Email signature

Quick reference:
Settings -> Email

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For organizations who want to be consistent in the communication to the outside world, it's possible to create a Managed signature. For organizations who do not use managed email signatures, it's also possible to set up and edit Personal signatures.

Personal signature

Creating a personal signature can be done by following these steps:

  • Go to the Email app.
  • Click on New to write a new email. 
  • You can now select Signature from the action bar. 
    • Click on Personal signature to add your personal signature to your email.


    • Select Settings to enable, disable or edit your default personal signature.


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Managed signature

Creating a managed signature can be done by following the steps below. As an admin, go to:

  • Workspace settings.
  • Then, select Email
  • Check the checkbox Enable managed signature.


  • Fill in the the Signature name
  • Choose whether to Add the signatures automatically. 
  • The message format of the email signature is the same for everyone within the organization.
  • You can add images (such as a company logo), hyperlinks, tables, etc
  • Easily create email signatures with the help of placeholders via the 'ID card' icon such as:
    • First name, displayed as {{@CurrentUser.FirstName}}
    • Last name, displayed as {{@CurrentUser.LastName}}
    • Email, displayed as {{@CurrentUser.Email}}
    • Job title, displayed as {{@CurrentUser.JobTitle}}
    • Phone number, displayed as {{@CurrentUser.MobilePhone}}


      You can add placeholders which will be replaced with dynamic information of the user from the Azure Active Directory. If syncing with AAD is not enabled, information is used directly from the Workspace.


External signatures (e.g. Exclaimer)

We do not have an integration with e.g. Exclaimer. Therefore, we cannot import or see Exclaimer Cloud-Signatures in Workspace. However, when sending an email via Workspace, the Exclaimer signature is automatically added in Exchange Online and will then be visible for the user. 

Missing software integrations in Workspace such as Exclaimer? You can always submit a Feature Request! 

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