Announcement: update Workspace 365 v2.73.0


The release of Workspace 365 v2.73.0 will be deployed on 19-04-2019 between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM Central European Time. ​The following will be implemented when this version goes live: 



  • It’s now possible to restrict specific users from editing and changing their own workspace by assigning user group permissions.  
  • Users will now receive a notification when they get access or ownership of an application.  
  • You can now create share links for SharePoint documents for people within their organisation.  
  • When clicking “Create new calendar event” from the Calendar live tile, a dialog will be opened instead of a new window. This allows users to stay in the same page.  
  • It’s now possible to create calendar events from the Plus menu in the workspace header. 
  • We made the user group permissions model more flexible by Introducing three states for each permission: Allow, Deny or Not Set. This will allow you to include or exclude people from granting permissions to specific tasks. Furthermore, the admin can set the default user group permission which is most suitable for your organisation. 


  • Error in the console and infinite loading indicator when clearing all notifications in IE11.  
  • Opening the New Document dialog when only the fileserver was configured resulted in no fileserver being selected/loaded into the content view. 
  • Improved incorrect translations on Spanish and Swedish registration pages. 
  • When a user clicked on the current document library in the sidebar, it resulted in no available actions in the action bar. 
  • The field for putting an embed video link in Announcements was re-sizable. 
  • Chromium based Edge was not detected as Edge but as Chrome.  
  • Some images in the Email app could not be loaded. 
  • Business Apps can now include the ‘ character in fields.  
  • Saving the fileserver settings has now been improved. 
  • A drop-down menu in the action bar had a strange styling if no icons were configured. 
  • The loading indicator in a grid was not shown correctly when you scrolled to the right.  
  • No settings menu item was selected for "Import from Office 365 (groups)".  
  • Unable to save support information in some scenarios. 
  • In announcements, an image/video was uploaded to the server even if another media option was selected at the end.  
  • Web content/iFrame broke after 3211 characters. 


  • You can now easily retrieve shared mailboxes to which you have full access in the Email app. From the sidebar, users can click the Refresh button to retrieve new shared mailboxes. You can now change the order and visibility of your current mailboxes.   
  • When editing a tile tab, you now have a scroll bar for long dropdowns. 
  • We are working to make it possible to move/copy items between SharePoint and fileservers. In preparation for that, we have renewed the Move and Copy dialogs. 
  • We reduced the time it takes to set the workspace template of the admin for existing users.