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Group permissions & Group management

Quick reference:
Settings -> Users & Groups -> Group permissions
Quick reference:
Settings -> Users & Groups -> Group management

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In Workspace you can manage individual users and their permissions to specific apps when you don't have many users or applications. To make this more efficient for bigger Workspace environments, you can make use of User Groups and Group Permissions. This way the administrator is able to organize apps and permissions to them more quickly for multiple users simultaneously.

You can include or exclude people from granting permissions to specific tasks. Furthermore, the admin can set the default user group permission which is most suitable for your organization. It’s also possible to restrict specific users from editing and changing their own Workspace by assigning user group permissions.

All users will have permissions for the default apps in Workspace, like the Documents app, Email app and Online Editor apps. For these default apps, permissions cannot be set. For non-default apps, permissions must be assigned. 

There are three options for each permission: 


Not set is automatically Deny unless you choose Allow for a group in Group management.
Allow is automatically Allow unless you choose Deny for a group in Group management. 
Deny overrides everything and is always deny for all groups.

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Create user groups

As an administrator, go to Settings > Users & groups > Group Management. Here, you can create user groups by clicking on +New.


By default, the Individual User list is opened. You can add individual users to the Group by checking their boxes and clicking on Done. If you have a big list of users, you can search for specific users by using the search field and selecting the users afterwards.

You can also switch to already existing User Groups which also can be added to the currently opened Group by switching between the group or user icon.


When completed all preparations of the Group, click on Done

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Group permissions

Group permissions can be found under the Workspace admin settings > Users & Groups > Group permissions. 

You can set the default state of the following permissions:

  • Edit own Workspace, create Personal tile groups and add tiles
  • Create apps in App store
  • Create Shared tile groups
  • Create and manage announcements and categories
  • Make user requests

To change the default state of a permissions, just simply select a permission and click on edit from the action bar menu. You can choose between Not set, Allow or Deny.


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Group management

Group permissions can be found under the Workspace admin settings > Users & Groups > Group management. 

Here you can give permissions to specific groups (dependent on the default settings in Group permissions), by selecting a group and clicking on Edit. You can choose between Not setAllow or Deny.


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Group owners

In Workspace you can assign owners to certain Shared tile groups. When a user or group is made "owner" of a certain application or Shared tile group by an admin, they are able to manage this specific application and Shared tile group. Owners are able to change which applications are shown inside the Shared tile group.

In order to make a user owner of a Shared tile group, follow these steps:

  • Click on the group icon of the corresponding Shared tile group.


  • Select the user icon, click on +Add and look up the user who you want to be group owner of the Shared tile group (or select the group icon if you want to give a group owner permissions to the Shared tile group).


  • Click on Save.

The user has now been added to the owner section, which means she/he now has permission to change the content of that Shared tile group.

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