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We made the user group permissions model more flexible by introducing three options for each permission: Allow, Deny or Not Set. This will allow you to include or exclude people from granting permissions to specific tasks. Furthermore, the admin can set the default user group permission which is most suitable for your organisation.

Not set is automatically Deny unless you choose Allow for a group in Group management.
Allow is automatically Allow unless you choose Deny for a group in Group management. 
Deny overrides everything and is always deny for all groups.


New: It’s now possible to restrict specific users from editing and changing their own workspace by assigning user group permissions.



You can set the default state of the following Permissions:

  • Edit own workspace, create personal tile groups and add tiles
  • Create apps in app store
  • Create shared tile groups
  • Create and manage announcements

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Group permissions

You can edit now permission settings in Group permissions and in Group management. With these settings you can choose "Not set", "Allow" or "Deny".

First go to Group permissions, here you can set up the default settings you want. Select the permission and click on "Edit".


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Group management

In Group management you can give permissions for specific groups. Choose the group you want and click on "Edit".


Here you can set up the permissions (dependent the default settings in Group permissions).


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