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Elevate your intranet, add it as a tab in Workspace 365

Within Workspace 365 there are many intranet-functionalities that you can use, such as an Announcement tool, birthday live tile, social feed using Yammer, possibility to add RSS-feeds and SharePoint news, videos and more. But, what if your organisation already has an intranet and wants to combine this with the adaptive workspace to gain features such as conditional access, shared tile groups, the Document App and more? 

Embed your intranet within Workspace 365 

With the embed tile you can extend the workspace with all your applications like Spotify podcasts, weather widgets, awesome GIFs, dashboards from tools such as Tableau and even your entire intranet! You can add the intranet using our Web Content tile as explained in this article. 




PRO TIP: make sure to change the dimensions of the iframe code to % instead of a fixed width. This way the embedded content will always fit within the available space. 

<iframe src="https://w365support.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/sharepoint.aspx"  width="100%" height="100%" >  


What if my intranet refuses to connect? 

Sometimes the content cannot be loaded as the website refuses to connect. This is pretty annoying but helps keep the internet safe so let me explain you why you see messages like this (and how to solve it, if possible). 



The reason that some sites do allow embedding and some sites don’t is all linked to security. By default (if the site has good security) you can't embed a part of the websites code into another domain by default. This is called Content Security Policy. So, by default a site will probably refuse the connection to Workspace 365. If this is the case, make sure that the application allows its content to be embedded within Workspace 365. In some intranets and applications this is a setting within the tool that allows you to embed on any or specific site. 

Your own website 

If you want to embed your own website within Workspace 365 use this article: Set different Content Security Policy values for your own site  

The most common one is: 

Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'self'; 

This means that there is no way to load the content of domain X.com onto domain y.com. Some sites do allow whitelisting of URLs. When you whitelist X.com will allow you to load content of their domain (X.com) from the embed feature in Y.com.  

If you want to embed your intranet, check if you can change the Content-Security-Policy to allow domain X.com to load the content into the domain of your digital workspace. 


How can you integrate your intranet or web application within Workspace 365? 

If websites offer the option to embed information on other sites that’s the easiest route. However, if they don’t allow it you can ask the domain to load their content on your workspace domain (whitelisting).  

In most cases tools have a process for this, otherwise contact the developer of the domain and ask to whitelist your workspace domain. 

In some cases, you are not able to load the content of the domain on your website. Some sites (or even parts of sites) are not embeddable and unfortunately we can’t help as we’re not in control of their security settings. Additionally, the security settings are controlled by the owner of the domain, so technically they can block you from embedding their services in your workspace. 




Embedding SharePoint intranet within Workspace 365

In case of SharePoint, you cannot embed every page, but you are able to navigate once you have embedded the root page. This is because the navigation is coming from within the same domain as the target domain (Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors 'self';) 

So, unfortunately it's not possible to embed every site (yet), but you are able to embed the root site. If you’re using some other intranet, you may already be able to embed the site, otherwise ask the company to whitelist your workspace domain.