Setting maximum for download / upload


  1. Update the workspace config
  2. Update the IIS config


1. Update the workspace config

You can set a maximum limit for downloading / uploading. Custom info can be changed via the config settings, found in 

\inetpub\wwwroot\{tenant name}\{workspace folder}\Configs\NDAW.Html.Front.config
Pay attention: That this value is not too large. If everyone is going to do this at the same time, this can overload your web server.

Maximum amount files

<setting name="MaxNumberOfFilesToDownloadAsZip" serializeAs="String">

Maximum zip download size

<setting name="MaxComputedSizeToDownloadAsZipInMB" serializeAs="String">


2. Update the IIS config

Configure the maxRequestEntityAllowed property in the asp limits sections of the web configuration:
If you have the Request Filtering feature installed and enabled, you should also set the Maximum allowed content length value in:

IIS Manager -> Features -> Request Filtering -> Edit Feature settings