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Setting maximum for download/upload

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You can set a maximum limit for downloading/uploading. In this article we will explain how by updating the Workspace and IIS config. 


Update the Workspace config

Custom info can be changed via the config settings which can be found in:

\inetpub\wwwroot\{tenant name}\{workspace folder}\Configs\NDAW.Html.Front.config
Make sure this value is not too large. If everyone is going to do this at the same time, it can overload your web server.

Maximum amount files

<setting name="MaxNumberOfFilesToDownloadAsZip" serializeAs="String">

Maximum ZIP download size

<setting name="MaxComputedSizeToDownloadAsZipInMB" serializeAs="String">

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Update the IIS config

Configure the maxRequestEntityAllowed property in the ASP limits sections of the web configuration:
If you have the Request Filtering feature installed and enabled, you should also set the Maximum allowed content length value in:

IIS Manager -> Features -> Request Filtering -> Edit Feature settings

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