Announcement: update Workspace 365 v2.74.0


The release of Workspace 365 v2.74.0 will be deployed on 9-05-2018 between 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM Central European Time. The following will be implemented when this version goes live:


  • The RSS tile now supports images from news lists from modern SharePoint sites, allowing you to communicate your internal news even more effectively.
  • You are now able to move and copy files between the file server, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, improving your document management.
  • You can now choose your preferred date and time settings by changing the workspace to English: United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia. For first-time visitors, the browser will automatically detect the language settings.


  • In the Documents app, we showed the ‘Empty recycle bin’ action even when the recycle bin folder was already empty.
  • The maximum length of the description text of an announcement was capped at 4000 characters. We now allow descriptions to be longer.
  • When you opened the location of a recent document from the Documents live tile, an incorrect action bar was shown in the Documents app.
  • When the user collapsed/expanded an email mailbox, the folder that was selected at that moment was not selected anymore. Also, an incorrect context menu was shown when right-clicking the mailbox tab.
  • It was not possible to login with all types of email addresses in the Business App Builder.
  • In edit mode, the action button for deselecting all tiles did not disappear.
  • When creating a ConnectWise ticket from the live tile, it failed in the workspace, but actually succeeded in ConnectWise.
  • In User Management, the selected users were not visible anymore when you navigated to a different page in the user grid.
  • We were unable to retrieve modern SharePoint sites in the Documents app.
  • When the option "Add signature automatically" was enabled, the personal signature was not inserted when creating a new email from “Attach to email” or “Attach a link”.
  • The multiline text control could be resized by the user.
  • When using Microsoft Edge, after using the breadcrumbs menu, text was selected after clicking on it instead of opening the item.
  • When opening a document library which was set to be invisible (e.g. via the URL), an incorrect library was selected in the sidebar.
  • For predefined RSS feeds, long site URLs were not wrapped in the Edit Tile view.
  • When a user added a link to the email body it was added twice.


  • If the password for the file server is incorrect, a more elaborate error message will appear with the option to instantly go to the credentials in Settings.
  • The implementation of the To-Do live tile was improved, enabling Single Sign-On to more users.
  • You can now delete multiple users from user management at the same time.