Release Notes V3.0.0

We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 3.0.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed here:


  • We proudly introduce a redesign of the workspace, which includes the following features and changes: 
    • A modern look with rounded corners, a new font and new icons.
    • The live tile tabs are replaced with a drop-down menu. This allows for a cleaner and more organised workspace dashboard. It’s now also possible to create up to 20 live tile overviews for the RSS, Email, Calendar and Yammer app, instead of a maximum of three overviews. 
    • Option to set a white header styling for live tiles. This can be configured per branding set. 
    • Option to set a white header styling for the workspace. This can be configured per branding set. 
    • The default workspace branding has been updated. 
    • We now support SVG files for app icons and all default app icons are replaced with SVG. 
    • Ability to easily brand apps and tiles based on a primary or header color. 
  • We now support passwords with a length of 256 characters, which can help you improve the security of your organisation by making your passwords harder to hack. 
  • It is now possible to set the Workspace Forms Cookie Timeout in the update parameters. 
  • You can now flag your emails in the Email app. This is a powerful tool to keep track of your messages. 


  • For new Office tenants, Power BI live tiles could not retrieve data from Power BI. 
  • When zooming in/out, tiles were not working/looking correct any more. 
  • For the Yammer tile, not every group feed could be added. 
  • When composing an email, the user’s signature was added every time the draft was saved. 
  • When a user clicked on an item in a RSS live tile, the text became blue. 
  • On Android devices, the modern scrollbar which is used in live tiles was partially clipped. 
  • The text in the Sort By menu in the Email app was wrapped if the workspace language was set to any language other than English.  
  • It was not possible to open the Terms and Conditions from the Workspace Registration Page in IE11.


  • We improved the scrolling behaviour on Android devices.
  • We replaced some of the Office 365 app icons with the new icons Microsoft released this year. Based on the new icons, we updated the app colours as well.
  • We included new designs for the Office file icons in the Documents live tile.