Insert scripts on instance level


For hosting partners, we have replaced the ability to add a Google Analytics code with the ability to inject a custom piece of HTML into every page (e.g. Google Tag Manager). 

Custom info can be changed via the config settings, found in 

\inetpub\wwwroot\{tenant name}\{workspace folder}\Configs\NDAW.Html.Front.config

The setting is called "ExtraHtmlToInjectOnEveryPage". In order to set it in the config you need to XML encode the HTML snippet you want to be injected. Make sure to mention that if you want to inject a piece of javascript that it need to include the <script> tags in the setting.

<setting name="ExtraHtmlToInjectOnEveryPage" serializeAs="String">
<value>&lt;h1&gt;Hello world!&lt;/h1&gt;</value>
Note: The Setting ""GoogleAnalyticsTrackingId" is removed. Hosting partners who want to keep using their existing Google Analytics, can manually add the the new script "ExtraHtmlToInjectOnEveryPage".


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