Release Notes V3.1.0

We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 3.1.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed here:


  • After editing an app in the app store, the workspace will automatically refresh so you can instantly see the changes.  
  • Easily move emails in the Email app with drag-and-drop.  
  • We’ve improved the experience of automatically creating a Single Sign-On application, by waiting a bit before redirecting you to the Authority, as it might have a caching delay. During this time, we continuously provide feedback on the progress.  
  • For hosting partners, we have replaced the ability to add a Google Analytics code with the ability to inject a custom piece of HTML into every page (e.g. Google Tag Manager). Note: Hosting partners who want to keep using their existing Google Analytics, can manually add the scripts needed for Google Analytics.  
  • Setting up SharePoint sites in the Documents app just became a lot easier for admins. SharePoint Sites are now retrieved by default. Note: For SharePoint, we switched everyone over from the “Preview” (released in update 2.67) to the official automatic retrieval of SharePoint sites.
  • We have added the possibility for an Admin to configure the Site availability for automatically retrieved SharePoint sites. Furthermore, an Admin can determine if newly created Team sites automatically become available to the user.   


  • Some tile icons did not display in the Edit mode of the workspace.  
  • The notification mark in the notification center did not disappear after clicking on the notification icon.  
  • When clicking on some tiles, they changed into the primary colour.  
  • The "Signature" drop-down in the action bar of the compose email dialog was not localised.  


  • You can now get a better overview of your Calendar, with the option to view appointments for more days in advance in the small Calendar live tiles.
  • Improved performance for environments with larger amounts of users.