From v3.46 we will release the Hub. For now this will include announcements. Click here for more information.
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Release notes Workspace 365 V3.29.0

We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 3.29.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed here: 


  • It’s now possible to populate announcements in the workspace via the new Announcements API. This allows you to communicate information from other platforms or sources to the workspace. Partners are also able to communicate information to multiple workspace environments.
  • We now stack activities of the same category together in the activity feed. This improves the overview and makes it easier for the user to find relevant activities.
  • With this release, we introduce a billing page in the product. Here, you can find billing information (company name, reference number), the number of used licenses, the current subscription and you have the possibility to change it.                                            

Technical items

  • We are optimizing the performance of permission checks in the workspace. The first step is to have a transformed view of the user group membership persisted in the database. In this release, we have introduced this transformed view and are populating it.
  • We removed support for Business Apps in release 3.24. This release removes the Business App data from the database.
  • We have changed the way how the branding colorization is generated.
  • We modernized the Choose/Upload app icon dialogs.


  • It is now possible to close the context menu for announcement comments on the Settings pages.
  • It is now possible to upload files that are larger than 10MB to SharePoint folders in the Documents app.
  • When you were trying to create a third-party connection (TOPdesk, Autotask etc.) with an existing name but different casing, you would get a generic error message instead of a validation message that the name already exists.
  • When a new TOPdesk connection was created, it did not appear in the connections list until the page was refreshed.
  • When a user had owner permissions for a Clientless RDP app, he could not select a gateway and a connection for it.
  • Bookmarks in the Documents Micro App would previously open in the same tab, even if the destination for the tile was set to New window.
  • When you would change the size of the Documents Micro App, it would remove the link in the footer until the page was refreshed.
  • When a user enlarged a PowerBI tile on an iPad/iPhone, it was impossible to close it and use the workspace again until they refreshed the page.