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App request

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By default, the checkbox "everyone has access" is checked for applications in Workspace. From the App store, administrators can uncheck this checkbox. Now, regular users can request access to specific apps via the App store. This article shows you an example of how it works.

A Workspace Boost license is required for this functionality. 

App request example

  • User Ava wants acces to the app Spotify. She is part of the Finance group. As an admin, navigate to settings > Users & groups > Group management,
  • Select the corresponding group and click Edit.
  • Set the permission Make user requests of the group to Allow.
  • Click Done.


  • Ava now has the ability to request the app via the App store from the Request apps overview. She can leave a request message for the admin. 


  • The card will now show "Requested" and the admin will receive a notification in the Activity Feed about the requested app from Ava. 

user_request.PNG request_details.PNG

  • The admin can accept or decline from the Activity Feed or from the User requests section under Open requests. By selecting the open request, you can choose whether to accept or decline it from the action bar. When Ava has permissions to the Spotify shortcut app, the admin can accept the app request.


"Can't accept selected request(s)"? This error message occurs when the user does not have permissions on the requested app. We promote granting access based on group permissions and not individual user permissions.


  • Ava now has access to the requested app and will receive a notification about it in her Activity Feed. 


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