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For this functionality to work, the manifest.json ZIP file is required including the app icons. The ZIP file can be found under the Downloads section. This download is only available to our partners. To access the download, make sure you are logged in to our Support Portal.

You can now integrate Workspace 365 and all its functionalities within Microsoft Teams. This will allow you to simplify access to all your applications, information and allows you to bring all the Micro Apps to Teams. It doesn’t matter if people start their day in the browser, intranet, Microsoft Teams, mobile or tablet. This functionality creates a unified Workspace which saves time for users, reduces the amount of sign-ins, switching between applications and more.




As an admin, make sure that the Workspace app is available in the Teams App Store for the users in your tenant.

  1. Download and unzip the Workspace365-Teams-App ZIP file. Adjust the following in the manifest.json:

  2. Change the ContentURL to your own URL: "https://workspace365instance.url/environmentname/Embed/Teams"
  3. The display name of the Workspace app in Teams is determined by the "short" name:
    "name": {
     "short": "WS 365"
       "full": Workspace 365"
    In this case, the display name in Teams will be "WS 365". Bare in mind when choosing a name containing too many characters, it won't be fully displayed in Teams. 
  • Zip the manifest.json file with the app icons.
  • Upload the created zipfile in the Microsoft Teams admin center. Go to Teams apps and select Manage apps (click here for further detailed information). Click on Upload to upload the ZIP file. 

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Setup policies

Once the app is uploaded in the Teams App Store, as an admin you can manage app setup policies. To create a policy, go to Teams apps > Setup policies and click on Add. Or change the current policy to add the Workspace 365 Teams app to the users left sidebar. 

Automatically install the app for users

If you want to install the app for users automatically when they start Teams, in the Add installed apps pane, search for the app you want to automatically install. You can also filter apps by app permission policy. Then, select Add.
the Add installed apps pane

Change app order in the Teams app navigation bar

It's also possible to arrange the apps in the order that you want them to appear in Teams. Under Pinned apps.


You can select an app and move it up- or downwards. Then, select Save.

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  • When the app has been made available in the Teams App Store by the admin, the users can now add the Workspace app to Teams by clicking on Apps and search for the app. 

  • Click on Add to add it to Teams. 

  • The Workspace app is now added to Teams. Users must click on Sign in and fill in their credentials.
    Even though SSO is enabled, users will need to sign in first. For now, there is no other workaround for this. However, this won't be the case when opening the Workspace app using Teams via a web browser. 

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