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With the Announcement Centre, you can easily inform people in your organization on news, updates, accomplishments or anything else you would like to share by creating announcements. You can push these as a notification or pop-up to a specific group or the entire organization. You can also enable other people within your organization to create announcements.

An announcement is provided in a pop-up, which includes a title, description and optionally an image, video or a link. When the announcement is published, a notification is sent from which the user can open the pop-up. Optionally, the pop-up can be pushed directly to users.

Be cautious who you allow to send announcements, because giving too many people control might lead to a notification overload. Also, be aware of the fact that publishing direct pop-ups may have a large impact on the user experience.


Announcement Centre

You can access the Announcement Centre from the:

  • Settings page, then select Announcements
  • Announcement Live tile, by clicking on the Announcements hyperlink


The Announcement Centre has a card based view, just like our App store. You can search for specific announcements or click on one of the categories on the left side to show announcements for a specific category. You can also sort announcements by creation date (new/old) or most popular using the drop-down menu.

The cards contain clickable components. For instance, you can click on the author name to filter all announcements created by the selected author. 

Click on read more to:

  • View the full content
  • Comment
  • React
  • View who published the announcement

On the right side, other announcements will pop up for that specific category, displaying the next and previous announcement. 


At this moment, only images can be shown in the 'All announcements' overview. Videos are not yet displayed here. This is only displayed when viewing the full content of the announcement.

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Activate the app

When Announcements is enabled by the admin, users are allowed to add the Announcement live tile to their Workspace.

The Announcements tile can be added from the App store. The tile can be found under the Communication category. You can add it to a new or existing group. 


Once the app is added to your Workspace, right-click to edit it to your liking. The tile will be available in various formats and layouts. Don't forget to click Save when you're done. 

From the format 4x8 and smaller, the live tile is shown without images and videos.


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Create announcements

You can create announcement from:

  • Announcements Live tile, by clicking + icon
  • The Announcements Centre, by clicking on New



We suggest using notifications for 'nice-to-read' and show pop-ups directly to users for 'must-read' announcements. 

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Announcement status

In the Announcement Centre, you can filter announcements by three types of status:

  • Planned
  • Published
  • Archived

Bare in mind that announcements that are already publicized cannot be edited anymore after the "Publication end" date. These announcements will end up as archived. Archived announcements are presented in read-only mode.

You can however edit and extend the publication end date after an announcement has been published. 

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Announcement categories

There are three levels of permissions you can set on announcement categories:

  • Who has access: determine who can view announcements within a specific category.
  • Editor: determine who can create, edit and delete announcements within a specific category.
  • Owner: determine who can create, edit and delete announcements within a specific category and manage the category itself.


We advise giving users permissions based on groups. Under (settings > Users & Groups) Group management, you can select and edit a group to enable Create and manage all announcements and categories.

Bare in mind that the settings under Group permissions may be overruled by Group permissions:

  • Not set is automatically Deny unless you choose Allow for a group in Group management.
  • Allow is automatically Allow unless you choose Deny for a group in Group management.
  • Deny overrides everything and is always deny for all groups.

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(Un)follow announcements or announcement categories

A user can choose to follow an announcement by clicking on Follow announcement. Or, after commenting on an announcement, the user will automatically become a follower.

Notifications on these announcements will be present in their Activity Feed under the stack Announcement comments (unless you mute these kind of activities).

Clicking on such notifications from the Activity Feed will redirect the user to the corresponding announcement/comment. It's also possible to unfollow announcements. Then, you will no longer receive these notifications in your Activity Feed.



In the same regard as to following specific announcements, you can also choose to (un)follow specific announcement categories.


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