From v3.46 we will release the Hub. For now this will include announcements. Click here for more information.
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Release notes Workspace 365 V3.31.0

We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 3.31.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed here: 


  • From now on, all announcements are displayed in the brand-new Announcement Centre. The centre brings a new and refreshing user interface, with several new improvements, such as displaying the author and category in the announcement, and the possibility to quickly navigate to other announcements.
  • With this release, we introduce birthday activities. Whenever someone has a birthday, we notify people with a birthday activity in the Activity Feed. From the activity, you can send your birthday wishes. All received birthday wishes are also displayed in the feed.
  • It’s now possible to set tags for custom activities created via the Activity Feed API. This helps to organise the activities, as they are collected in the same stack.
  • Get more insight into your activities with the improved the design of the activity cards. They now show the activity category in the card.                                            

Technical items

  • Removed the old licenses from the reporting: Portal, Hybrid and Ultimate.
  • We reduced the flickering of some of the app icons.
  • Reduced the “Idle” load on the database from the Document Background Service (DBS).
  • Removed the ShowAccessibleWebDavFileServersOnlyPreview flag.
  • Changed the sending of system emails to a modern SMTP client. We removed the default configured SmtpAccount and SmtpPassword from the deployment package.
  • We improved the performance of cleaning up old activities.


  • Fixed that renaming a file server item to having an “@” symbol would not be possible.
  • In some rare scenarios, the product could get stuck if an error would occur during start up.
  • Improved the user experience for deleting an activity.