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Infoland Zenya DOC is a document management solution which provides easy access to all kinds of documents and resources within an organization and extends its functionalities to integrate with other tools that provide for example quality manuals and care protocols, for instance Vilans KICK protocols.



The Zenya DOC live tile can be added to your Workspace as two different views, a “Browse documents” view which also includes your ten most recently opened items and a “Favorites” view.

The content within the live tile is determined based on your account and access level in Zenya DOC. 


Browse documents

By typing in the search bar, you can search for all documents you have access to within the Zenya DOC archives. Once you entered your search query, all documents are listed based on their relevance. Each item includes the content type, so you know what type of document you are opening.

The Zenya DOC algorithm determines the content of the most recently used items list. By clicking on an item you will be redirected to the Zenya DOC portal where you can view the item without having to logon. 

If your organization has an integration with third party document solutions, for example Vilans KICK, you can also find these documents and will be redirected to the item in the third party application to open it.





The “Favorites” view allows you to have quick access to items you have marked as favorite within the Zenya DOC portal or from the “Browse documents” live tile. You can also unmark an item as favorite to remove it from the list. 


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There are a few requirements in order to use the Zenya DOC integration in Workspace:

  • A fully operational Zenya environment.
  • User provisioning from the same source as Workspace 365 (most likely Azure AD).
  • An API key and related configuration.

Given the environment and user provisioning are in place, an administrator can log in to the Zenya Admin console:

  • Navigate to Application management > System settings > API-keys.
  • Add new API-key and fill out the configuration as described below.


  • Titel: provide a recognizable name for the API configuration, e.g. “Workspace365”.
  • Key: automatically generated unique customer specific GUID. This key must be used in the Workspace365 integration connector.
  • Access restricted to specific users (groups): this value should be left on the default value “No”. Changing it to “Yes” allows you to configure API access for specific users or groups instead of the whole organization.
  • Servers which are allowed to use the API-key: to increase security, you can configure the IP-address of the Workspace environment. Doing this prevents API access from other unauthorized sources. Multiple IP-addresses can be configured if needed.
  • Use Sliding token expiration: always set the to “Yes” as the integration depends on it and authentication will fail if it is not configured properly.

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In order to use the Zenya DOC integration you will first have to configure the App connector. Go to the Workspace Settings > Integrations > Zenya connections. 

Here, you can configure the Zenya DOC App name, server URL (portal URL) and the API key.


API key: you can request an API key for Zenya DOC with your system administrator or Infoland directly. 
UPN: the UPN of the user in the Workspace must match 100% with the user in Zenya DOC. Example: If "[email protected]" exists in the Workspace, in Zeya DOC the UPN must also be "[email protected]". 

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Activate the app

Navigate to the App store by clicking on the waffle-icon to add the Zenya DOC app to your Workspace. 


You can choose a different logo, change the color and decide whether to open Zenya DOC from the Workspace in the current window or a new window. You can determine who has access to the Zenya DOC live tile and who will become app owner. 



If you followed the previous steps, you can select the connection from the drop-down. If not, you can create a new connection by clicking on "Add". 

To add the Zenya DOC app to your Workspace, in the upper left corner click on: add_tiles.png

Once added to your Workspace, right-click on the tile to configure (edit) the desired app settings. Use the arrows pointing up or downwards to change position of the tabs (Browse documents and Favorites), which will determine what you see first from the live tile overview.  

Tip: you can add the Zenya DOC tile twice to your Workspace- one for "Browse documents" and the other one for "Favorites". 

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