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Change your Workspace environment URL

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As a self-hosted Partner, you can change the Workspace environment URL when a customer migrates to a new domain. This article will explain how to change the environment name (from e.g. "https://workspace365instance.url/environmentA" to "https://workspace365instance.url/environmentB"). 

For further detailed information, please review this article: Changes to the domain(s) of Azure AD and/or Workspace 365



Change the environment name

  • Go to Main-db -> Dbo.Client
    • Personal URL
    • DatabaseName 
    • BLOBStorageContainerName 


Rename the database

  • Go to Explore
    • Partner folder
    • Change the name of the environment folder

Clear cache

  • Go to the Instance Operator panel (/admin) and clear cache
IMPORTANT: Do not remove/delete the temp cache!
500 error after changing the environment name? Try to recycle the app pool for both servers. 

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