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Embed URL for tile groups

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Some companies use multiple platforms for different employee groups to communicate and consume information. Why not extend these platforms and integrate all the applications your use? To make it easier to reach web and RDP applications or information based on people’s role, it's possible to integrate your Workspace Shared tile groups within any platform that supports iFrames and is connected to OAuth/Azure for authentication. This allows people to easily access their legacy applications, such as RDP or Citrix apps, from all their platforms using Workspace 365.


Embed URL


For this functionality to work, you need to change this config. After changing the config, the link icon is enabled in the Workspace. This way you can get the URL and embed the tile group in a different portal via an iFrame.

Shared tile groups

To retrieve the URL, click on "Get embed url" at the top right side of your shared group:  get_embed_url_icon.PNG.

You can copy the link to embed the shared tile group somewhere else. 




Personal groups

The link to personal tile groups is fixed. To embed personal tile groups for all users at the same time (even though they are different for each user), you must use the following URL:


This is based on the first tile group in your personal Workspace. This means that the user must always place the favorite tile group in the upper left corner of their personal Workspace. 

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Scale tiles (based on iFrame)

We support a responsive mode for embedded tile groups. With this option, the tiles automatically scale based on the size of the iFrame. This can be applied to personal and shared groups. 

This option can be set by the admin under Workspace management, Tile groups and then select Enable responsive mode for embedded tile groups.



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