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Release notes Workspace 365 v3.36.0

We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 3.6.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed here:


  • In addition to starting a phone call and sending an email, it’s now possible to start a Teams video call or chat with a contact from your Address book.
  • With this release, we introduce sections in the contacts overview in your Address book to improve the readability. By default, contacts whose name starts with the same letter are grouped together (from A-Z). It’s possible to sort by first name, last name, job title, department and company. The sort by state will be saved.
  • It’s now possible to edit the end date of an announcement after publication, as long as the end date has not passed. If the end date has passed, the announcement will be archived and is not editable anymore.
  • A few releases ago, we made it possible to congratulate people on their birthdays by sending a personal message via the Activity Feed. It’s now possible to also congratulate colleagues straight from the Birthdays live tile.
  • We now show the presence of the user in the Address book for Workspace 365 contacts. The presence is based on the status in Microsoft Teams. In order to enable this feature, the Workspace 365 SSO app in Azure needs to have the Presence.Read.All permission added.

Technical items

  • We have updated the permission set we configure in Azure when automatically creating a SSO app.


  • Shared groups were shown in the mobile horizontal scroll bar even when they were not present in Workspace 365 anymore because of the Conditional settings of the tiles in it.
  • It was impossible to save changes for Shared Group permissions until you made any changes in the "Who has access" tab.
  • The pagination on the "Shared with me" page in the Documents app was broken.
  • The Environment Provisioning "Validate" endpoint always returned a 302 response.
  • Creating an automatic SSO application would fail due to changes introduced by Azure Active Directory.


  • The left and right margins of the tile group swipe navigation bar are now 16px instead of 4px.