From version 3.45 we have made a change to the Autotask configuration. To prevent issues, please check out our latest announcements for more information.
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Can I remove the Global Admin from the Workspace?

Yes, but is not recommended! We advise you to not remove this account from your AAD and to store the credentials on a secure place.

We use the Global Admin for the registration of Workspace 365 and creation of the Single Sign-On App Registrations in Azure AD and to set up the connection to SharePoint, Exchange, etc. New Workspace environments can be created via API or using our PowerShell script, but we recommended to use the PowerShell script. 

In theory, you could remove the Global admin from your AAD when users are already automatically being synchronized between your AAD and Workspace using our Azure AD synctool. However, if you want to for example create or delete a new Workspace environment or need to add API permissions to your SSO App Registration in Azure (click here for more information), the Global Admin is required.

Please keep in mind that there is a difference between the Global vs. Primary administrator. The Global admin is a role in AAD and the Primary admin is a role within Workspace 365 (and is usually the Global admin). You can decide whether administrative tasks are managed by a Workspace administrator or by the Global Admin. Running into some problems performing administrative taks? You may want to check out our troubleshooting user management article!