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Your frequently used tiles

Quick reference:
Settings -> Workspace management -> Frequent tiles

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With 'Your frequently used tiles' you can quickly access applications you use the most. Keep on reading this article if you would like to know a little bit more about it, or want to know how to enable of disable it as an administrator or user. 


Your frequently used tiles

The frequent tile group is visible at the upper left corner of your Workspace, accessible from every space. The order from left to right is based on how many times a user has clicked on a certain tile. A maximum of 12 tiles are shown and it is device dependent (you might use different applications on a mobile device compared to a desktop). 



Enable or disable the tile group

As a user

  • Users can collapse or expand the frequent tiles group by clicking on the arrow icon.


  • Users can hide the group entirely from their Workspace by simply clicking on 'Groups' from the action bar and disable (uncheck) the tile group.




As an administrator

Administrators can decide whether to enable or disable this feature entirely under Settings -> Workspace management > Frequent tiles: 


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